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Why Malai?


Malai aims to find alternative solutions to challenges created by conventional production practices.

We are:

ecologically conscious - Malai is 100% biodegradable, has low CO2 emissions and is made entirely without using aggressive chemicals or plastics. Two base ingredients are:

coconut water -  Currently there is no use for this type of water and therefore it’s often released into drainage.

natural fibers - Banana plants are cultivated all over South India, Kerala is the biggest producer of all states. However, once the banana fruit is harvested the stem of the plant is discarded or converted into biomass. A very good quality fiber can be extracted from the banana stem - we are using this in the making of Malai.

 - socially conscious - We work with suppliers whose ethical approach is transparent and verified. We also collaborate with traditional Indian leather artisans to craft Malai products - in effort to sustain their livelihoods and moreover to preserve their unique leatherworking skills that have been handed down from generation to generation.

Our goal is to establish a working supply chain system that involves coconut and banana farmers who will gain additional revenue from selling us their coconut water and banana fiber. We transform product from natural sources so that it can safely return back to nature in a nutrient form.

- economical- We are working on the development of a unique raw material sourcing system that will ensure 100% utilization of raw material from agricultural waste. It is possible to form Malai into sheets of specific pattern/shape eliminating offcut waste. We have developed a process of 3D moulding of Malai - creating objects with no seams. Both sides of Malai have the same appearance, both directions have the same tensile strength

-... and also our products are pretty :)