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How Malai began?

 At Malai we believe everyone has the capacity to positively influence the planet’s future. We believe in conscious consumption and are constantly inspired by the beauty and purity of natural materials, and the cycle of life.

Malai’s shining star is co-founder Zuzana Gombosova. She is a true scientist since childhood, dismantling objects with a curiosity to learn how they work and behave. She is dedicated to making friendlier fashion by starting with more sustainable materials and helping to address fashion's impact as a global pollutant.

She was keen to find material that would come from nature, and that at the end of its life cycle could return back to nature with little to no impact. This pursuit was a catalyst in changing her Masters studies at Central Saint Martin’s College of Arts & Design in London (UK) from fashion design to material research. She dedicated the majority of her London studies to this goal.

 The Malai story began in 2017 when Zuzana met Susmith, a Product Designer and maker from Kerala, India. They initiated a 3 year research project exploring the potential of bacterial cellulose growth, specifically through the use of mature coconut waste water, and in refining the finished material for multipurpose applications. The idea of vegan leather emerged organically when they ended up with sheets of material resembling leather like qualities.

Malai has been enjoying popularity among designers, brands and manufacturers focused on  sustainable and circular fashion. Several global brands are currently incorporating the material  in their products. Malai Studio started with a 2019 crowdfunding campaign, with a collection of accessories offered as rewards. With the same collection Malai won the Circular Design Challenge in 2020 and had an opportunity to keep elevating the brand. 

This collection is now available to you, feel free to explore and shop consciously here.