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There’s more to coconuts than you thought.

Explore with us the beauty of coconut vegan leather. Malai transforms nature’s waste into beautiful & sustainable bags & accessories. We know you’re looking to make a difference …and so are we.

Malai is compostable

All ingredients that go into the making of Malai are compostable and will biodegrade within 90 -120 days.

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Malai is material innovation

Malai is a newly developed material created from coconut wastewater. It is compostable and 100% vegan with no nasties. As such you could even eat it!

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water resistant

It is water resistant although it prefers not to get wet as it loses some of its strength.


Malai’s strength is comparable to vegetable tanned leather of similar thickness.


Malai is fully compostable and will biodegrade in your home compost 90-120 days.


All our ingredients are sourced from trusted partners all over India.


It contains absolutely no artificial ‘nasties’ it will not cause any allergies, intolerances or illness.


Malai is material with semi soft temper similar to veg tanned leather.


Malai is quite porous as a material. We ensure all our coatings maintain this property.


Malai is completely vegan and as such you could even eat it!

Inspired by the beauty and purity of natural materials

Fin[it]e is the first collection of accessories created by our design studio and made from Malai biomaterial. The collection offers a line of unisex wallets, bags, backpack and pouches offered in range of our signature earthy color palette. 

We believe everyone has capacity to make the world better

And we are proud that we were awarded for our endeavours. Our products are carefully designed and crafted for you in small lots, using traditional & sustainable methods.